Whilst we will endeavour to send your goods as soon as possible, please be advised that items will take around 7 working days to dispatch, so please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your order to arrive in the UK. Embroidered items may take longer.

Items being delivered overseas also seem subject to longer delivery times. In some cases we have found items are taking at least 3 weeks to arrive.

We have therefore updated our postal options to include some tracked and courier options. Whilst these may cost more than the standard Royal Mail service, they may give you greater peace of mind that your order will arrive quicker and can be tracked if it doesn't arrive within the anticipated timescale.

Please ensure that you report any deliveries no later than 30 days after non delivery. After this time has elapsed all postal and courier services will not investigate non-delivery meaning we are unable to track your order or organise a refund from the postal/delivery service.

Thanks for your patience and support.